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How it Began

John Dugan grew up around the real estate business, learning and honing his home improvement and construction techniques. John’s father was one of Chicago’s most respected real estate attorneys and their neighbor was an established carpenter. Motivated by his dad, John would help fix up homes, which is how he became interested in developing his skills into a career.

Reading different books about home improvement and construction, John learned more about the trade on his own. By the time he was 18, he was already remodeling kitchens and baths bathrooms.

John went to college for computing skills taking courses in Computer Technology, but his heart was set on working with his hands and crafting, so he went back to his first love.

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John went back to working on residential repair and construction with a friend who was doing painting jobs, and eventually ventured on his own in 1992. His business was initially called Shamrock Painting and Remodeling because of his Irish descent, but as his services expanded, he decided to rename it The Dugan Company in 1993.

The Company Today

Through the years, the Dugan Company has been providing a wide variety of residential repair and construction services including general contracting services, construction, finish carpentry, plaster and drywall work, painting, remodeling, custom cabinet making, and wooden landscape products, to the north and northwest Chicago area.  John is present at every job site, so you work directly with the builder to make sure your every need it met.

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Meet John

Detailed and meticulous, John puts his heart into every project. He is very personal, upfront and honest with his clients. As a residential remodeling contractor, he understands that each house is different so the approach varies as well. For him, the work is only considered done when the client is fully satisfied. Most importantly, John enjoys what he is doing and with over 30 years of experience, he takes pride in doing what he does best.

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The Artisan Touch

An artisan is defined as a ”trained or skilled workman.” The extensive experience and training of The Dugan Company, Inc. provides the necessary resources to safely handle complex projects. Our residential remodeling contractor ensures total responsibility for any project, keeping construction on schedule and within budget. Our residential repair and construction team is committed to providing quality services through innovation, diversification, safety and teamwork. Our team of artisans appreciates quality craftsmanship, and therefore executes each job with the most precise skill and workmanship.


The Dugan Company is RRP LEAD licensed (Renovation, Repair and Painting program) by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to remodel homes built before 1978. They are also an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating and zero customer complaints.

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